Monday, October 16, 2006

Hello It is me

I was born in the year of a horse,the western zodiac is one of the water element you guess.Many people who see my pictures when I was young say that I am cute,beautiful.But that did not happen when I was young, as I was called black, like indian and soo on.

My Aunt said to my mum, her features are nice, she will grow to be beautiful.Well did the ugly duckling grow into a beatiful swan?......What is important is a good heart that is filled with pureness and a genuine personality intriacately woven with sincerity.

I had an elder sister who is 4 years older than me.My parent are both healers by profession.They are looked up upon in society and are categorized as noble people.

The Zahir, The Batin and The Soul

This is a place to release my tell the world of my life, to release any biterness so in gods grace I can start fresh...................when we release oursleves from the past that hurts us, we have freedom, we create new space in our hearts for a better tomorrow-Amen