Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Complicated and Puzzling Mind

Today 21st Nov 2006, is the day that I am supposed to do what I had set out to do.Yes...to start my business or would I say provide a need that would meet many people.-21-11-2006 .I plan to be a part time lecturer and a tutor. I have designed my calendar flyer for weeks....and when I finally plan to execute my plan...........my mum says do not distribute it, its not a fixed place......how am I going to pay rent? RM 1500 + 250= RM 1750.........for her condo in Ulu Kelang.

I like teaching especially maths, soo far when I teach....my students understand.....yes the ones who wants to learn.........they understand and app reciate.

I plan to send my flyers to a target location in a specific area, where I am living for almost 2 months..I wanted to do the same thin this near Puchong...........buto something happened.....my hubby's partner AMO is planning to leave the broadband business as he would be getting married and want to look for a permanent job.Soo there goes off our plan to rent a better apartment -office and soo I could do my tuition in Puchong.

My sister asked me to try UK area, and advertise my services there.I plan to run it ......but my mum keeps discouraging me. I told her If the number of students is not as expected will re-route them to parents house otherwise carry on and build my tuition network.

Part of me feels like if I don't do well or the response is not good enough ....what would happen........

I just donno I am puzzled .....if the amount of loss id perhaps RM 800....that's all......

I have to be positive and believe in things......Im good at teaching....i have to belive many positive energies will come my way.

Love myself


Blogger Libran Lover said...

Did you do this? I hope you did! I hope you have had a wonderful and successful one year. Don't hesitate. Just go ahead and do it, if you have not done so already. When you are doing something you really enjoy and are good at, money will come automatically. Money should be the least of your worries. Good luck.


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